Master Of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics

Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

The Department of Pharmaceutics at BST is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and boasts of highly experienced faculty from academia, industry and pharmaceutical profession.

The department has one research lab and one departmental lab with sterile manipulation facilities where PG students are imparted training and exposed to modern pharmaceutics research activities. The department also has UG labs for regular training of undergraduate students on contemporary pharmaceutics knowledge.

The faculty and students of the department are actively engaged in research on frontline thrust areas of drug delivery research including industry collaborated projects, as well as projects in partnership with Govt. research institutes. Students are kept updated with regular assignment and seminars including guest lectures delivered by resource-persons drawn from Industry & research Institutions.

PG Pharmaceutics - Laboratory Equipment

The PG Pharmaceutics Lab is well equipped for regular and research projects. Some of the representative instruments in the PG department are as follows -

  • 1. Disintegration test apparatus IP/BP/USP
  • 2. 8-Station Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP/BP/USP
  • 3. Friability test apparatus
  • 4. Stability Chambers
  • 5. Lyophilizer / Free-Dryer
  • 6. Tray dryer
  • 7. Propeller type mechanical agitator
  • 8. Homogeniser
  • 9. Autoclave
  • 10. Double distillation Apparatus
  • 11. Hot air oven
  • 12. Water Baths
  • 13. Incubator
  • 14. Refrigerator
  • 15. Laminar air flow unit
  • 16. Digital colony counter
  • 17. Microscope with stage and oil immersion objective
  • 18. Vortex mixer
  • 19. Franz Diffusion Cells
  • 20. Heating mantle
  • 21. Electronic Balance
  • 22. pH meter
  • 23. Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat, etc.

Besides these, the students also utilize instruments available in the Machine Room and Central Instrumentation Facility for manufacture and analysis of dosage forms.


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