Master Of Pharmacy Pharmacology

Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacology)

Pharmacology is a specialization in Pharmacy that deals with the study of drugs. In this specialization, students learn to study and identify the effects of drugs in both animal and human models as well as in patients. They study how the drugs and pharmaceuticals interact with the biological components of the body. It is a complex science requiring background in several ancillary subjects such as biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, etc.

At Bengal School of Technology, the Dept. of Pharmacology is Headed by Prof. Gautam Chatterjee, an eminent Pharmacologist, with around 30 years of industrial experience in Discovery Pharmacology. He is well supported by several faculty members from industry and academia with vast experience in imparting quality education to the students.

The Pharmacology dept. is well equipped with all necessary instruments and is amply supported by a well maintained Animal House, a well stocked Central store and an excellent library.

PG Pharmacology Laboratories

The PG laboratories for Pharmacology houses various sophisticated instruments needed for studying the drug & formulation actions and interactions in animal models and isolated tissues and other setups regularly needed for Pharmacology practical and research work. Different projects covering the fundamental sciences, industrial applications and clinical sciences related to pharmacy are being undertaken in the PG laboratories. Well lighted, well ventilated and well equipped laboratories are provided to the students for in-depth regular and research works.

Dept. of Pharmaceutics of Bengal School of Technology has two dedicated PG Laboratories ?

  • 1. Pharmacology PG Lab I
    In this lab, the students carry out their regular curricular practical works during the first two semesters of M. Pharm. Course.
  • 2. Pharmacology PG Lab II (Research Lab)
    In this lab, the students carry out their project related research work in the third and fourth semesters of their M. Pharm. Course. The students can conduct practicals related to different therapeutic segments and various body systems through in vitro and in vivo models.


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